First City Austin
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Below is a list of web sites that may be of interest to former employees. If you have a web site you would like added to the list, please e-mail the information.

International Airport
Michelle Moheet used to be over telephone operations with the bank. Now she's the Information Systems Division Manager at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Check out her picture in a recent "fly Austin" newsletter.
Cornerstone Advisors Bill McFarland is a Senior Director and one of the Gonzo Bankers with Cornerstone Advisors.
Fidelity National
Information Services
Fidelity National Information Services provides information technology services for community banks, credit unions, and savings banks around the country. Some of Fidelity's current customers were once customers of First City Austin Information Systems. Check out the eStatement system Ivan Shepperd helped develop.
First City Failure Here's a great, albeit dry, article on the First City Bancorporation failure published by our friends at the FDIC.
First City Turns a
Corner on Final Days
A Houston Business Journal article from November 7, 2003 predicting "the last breath of First City Liquidating Trust."
FirstCity Financial Corporation Remnants of First City Bancorp. still exist as FirstCity Financial Corporation, a financial services company with headquarters in Waco.
Frost Bank One of the lone shining stars from the old days of Texas banking, Frost Bank acquired the assets of First City Texas, Austin, when it closed in 1993. Here are a couple of pictures of the First City Bank building. Did you know it was the tallest commercial office building in Austin from 1971 until 1974 when the American Bank (now Bank One) tower was constructed?
Strunk Associates, L.P. During his tenure with First City, Ken Johnson worked in a number of different areas including data processing, corporate services, and correspondent banking. The man simply could not hold down a job. Now he's an Executive Vice President with Strunk Associates, L.P., a financial services consulting firm based in Houston.
Texas Capital Bank Cassandra (Falk) Hold, formerly with Corporates Services, is now a Senior Vice President over Cash Management with the Austin branch of Texas Capital Bank.
TGF Management Corp. Janet Waldeier, formerly with the Marketing and Business Development department, now serves as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of TGF Management Corp., a private equity funds management group based in Austin.
"The Great Texas Bank Crash
- an Insider's Account -"
Published in 1996, this book by Jody Grant, former CEO of Texas American Bancshares, tells the story of how TABS and the other powerhouse Texas banks fought a David and Goliath battle with the FDIC to stay solvent in the 1980s. Lots of references to First City Bancorporation.