First City Austin
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Photos: After Hours

Some pictures of people from work, not at work.

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Rick Jackson (Data Processing), Candy Ham with First City Central Park, San Antonio, and Donna Jones (Data Processing) in an RV outside the bank in San Antonio, 1983.

Linda Prince Arrendondo, Joe Alex Favata, and Ivan Shepperd (all Data Processing) in the RV outside First City Central Park in San Antonio, 1983.

Ivan Shepperd, Rick Jackson, and Ken Johnson, (Data Processing) on a Ski Trip in Red River, NM, 1983.

Auditing Raft Trip, 1983. Clockwise from top-left: Tim "or are you just happy to see me" Goles and Dan Finnegan (Auditing), Danny and Terri Childers Brown (Data Processing), and one other person.

Girls trip to the Grand Canyon. Left to right, Jean Johnson, Merry Wade, Donna Jones (all from Data Processing).

Birtday Party with Merry Wade, Deon Williamson, and Jean Johnson (all from Data Processing), May, 1982.

Tere Ayson and Wendy Iseminger (Data Processing), 1984. I do hope it was halloween.

Melissa Cox (Auditing) and Michelle Seinera (Credit Administration), 1982.

Ann Sanders, Michelle Seinera, Peggy Foreman, Mary Cervantes (Funds Control), ?, ?, 1987.

David Ballew, Andy White, Terry Mitchell, Stan Tucker, 1978.

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