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Photos: Computer Room, 1980

These are pictures of the computer room on the third floor of the main bank building in about 1980. The computers require more air conditioning than the building's cooling system can provide so the computer room has extra chillers designed specifically for that purpose. On this particular day a new A/C unit was being added in preperation of more computer equipment. The A/C units were too large to come up via the elevators so the windows were removed from the Congress Ave. side of the building so they could be lifted by crane from the street into the building.

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The new A/C unit, seen in the background, has been hoisted through the windows and workmen are replacing the glass while a Burroughs field engineer inspects the computer's diskpack storage units. The taller boxes were called "225s" and the shorter ones are the "206s".

A view of one of the main computer consoles and one of the two Burroughs B-3800 mainframes, this one referred to as "West" since it sat on the west side of the room. There was also an "East" and, later, a "North". In back are the 5N (short for 5 nanosecond) Head-Per-Track disks and another A/C unit.

Another view of a glazier replacing one of the windows on the west side of the building. Also pictured are various pieces of hardware such as printers, card readers, tape drives, etc.

This is the south wall of the computer room, showing off two cabinets that consisted of the all the networking hardware at that time. Eventually the network grew to require an entire room but in 1980 it was fairly modest.

The east side of the computer room showing the other Burroughs B-3800, "East", along with tape drives, printers, consoles, card readers, etc.

Another shot of consoles, card readers, and "West".

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