First City Austin
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Photos: Data Processing - At Work

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Jaime Gonzales, network control supervisor, 1981.

Data Entry Department, 1981.

Data Entry Department, 1981.

Maria Ojeda, data entry, 1981.

Jeri McIntyre, data entry, 1981.

Georgeanna Gould and Jerry Gally, computer operations, 1981. Computer operations was both mental and physical work. The data processing department did the computer work for banks all around central and south Texas as well as several banks in San Angelo. Here they are getting our correspondent bank's computer work ready for the couriers to pick up and deliver. Normally this occurred around 5:30 AM so if you came to work in the morning and saw this sight, you knew there had been some sort of problem in the computer room.

The boxes and bags of computer printouts and checks have now been separated by geographic region. A courier for the "south" route takes the bags for New Braunfels National Bank and First National Bank of San Marcos.

A courier's truck loaded up with the morning's computer work for Southwest Bank of Austin, First City Windsor Park, San Antonio, First National Bank of San Marcos, and others.

Baby Shower. Maria Ojeda, Ruby Collins, and Linda ?, 1981.

Baby Shower. Beatrice Amaya, Diana ?, Jean Clements, Maria Ojeda, and Ruby Collins, 1981.

Left to right: Irene Wendland, Sue Carmack, Terri Brown, Marilyn Stark, Donna Jones, Deon Willimason, Jean Clements, Laurie Davis, Merry Wade, Vivian Rios, Lana Tangum, and Carmen Chronis, 1982

Linda Jacobs and Jim Alderman, data control, 1982.

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